Padmavat/Padmavati week first week world wide box office collection will be good as we all know that movie Padmavat/Padmavati is going very well in cinemas. Movie Padmavat Box Office collection will give a proper battle to various movies in Bollywood. The movie is going very well on world wide platform.Movie Review are also very good, many critics like this movie . Cast and Crew of this movie is amoungst the finest artist of the Bollywood. Deepika, Shahid and Ranveer are one the best actors.

.We can predict how much money the movie Padmavat/Padmavati will make in first week given below. 

Total Box Office Collection of Padmavat Week First:

Padmavat/Padmavati have collection on day 1st and 2nd: 35 crores (prediction) crores 
Padmavat 1st-day collection click here

Padmavat/Padmavati have collection on day 3rd, 4th, and 5th day: 29  crores (prediction)
Padmavat day 3rd, 4th, and 5th-day collection click here.
Padmavat/Padmavati have collection on 1st week: +100 crores (prediction)
Padmavat film first-week collection will be about +100 crores


Padmavat film Movie Review: Click Here

Hopefully, the movie will earn amount +200 crores as everyone is predicting.
The total 1st-week collection of the movie is going to be very large and the movie is going to break various Bollywood record. The online booking to can be done. For more information regarding online booking Click Here.

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