Diljit Dosanjh Soorma Movie Rating Total Box Office Collection Film Review

Hey there, hope you are doing good, Diljit Dosanjh Soorma movie rating total box office collection film review Soorma. Soorma is drama film biographical sports based on the life of Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh. The movie is an inspirational story of a hard-working player who never gives up in life. Diljit Dosanjh has really worked very hard for the movie, his physical transformation is quite impressive. He looks is a very good shape in the movie and Taapsee also played a good in the movie. The movie actually gives many life lessons like hard work is the only way to get through a hard time, never ever ever give up in spite any kind if circumstance’s you are in, there’s always a hope that makes you survive in a hard time. Soorma is all about the getting knocked down by life and getting up like a survivor.

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About the Film Soorma

The Soorma is a Biopic of Indian Hockey player named Sandeep Singh. Who left hockey in childhood because his couch beat him a lot. So after many years, he decided to play the game again under the influence of love. But after returning his coach beat his him a lot. But he was dedicated and continued to play hockey and become a world class player but one day traveling in he got shot in the waist and this result in his body below the waist paralyzed. lose all hope and tell his coach that he wants to play again and story gois on and on…

Soorma Box Office Collection

This movie is doing very well in the theater’s and hopefully, more and more people are going to watch the movie in the coming days. The audience likes the movie and this inspirational and motivating piece of art is excellently directed and captured. The Soorma Total Box Office Collection is 15+ Crores and still going on.

Hopefully, you liked the movie review and find some help in knowing about the film and go watch a movie it’s a good one. Thank you for the reading the article an stay tuned for more click here.




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