Black Panther 1st Day Box Office Collection Movie Trailer Cast and Crew Movie Review

According to some expert and Marvel fans, Black Panther is to break each and every record that is ever made that Marvel has ever made. Black Panther 1st Day Box Office Collection Movie is going to huge as Marvel fans are very excited about the movie. In Avenger we have seen him first. Black Panther is the King of Wakanda. A place that is far away and hidden somewhere from the rest of the world. Insipte of being in the forest Wakanda is every high tech equipped with the future technology like flying cars, advance gadgets high tech weapons and advanced technology. 

Black Panther is the King of the people. The title that is given to him by his family who just only thinks about the people of this country and can do anything for assuring their safety.

Box Office collection of Movie Black Panther

  1. Fist Day Box Office Collection: $80,000,000(prediction)
  2. Domestic Box Office Collection :- $300,000,000(prediction)
  3. Worldwide Box Office Collection:- $323,000,000(prediction)
  4. Total Box Office Collection:- $623,357,910(prediction)

Hopefully, box office collection of the movie is going to more than this prediction. These numbers are going to be wiped out and the new record is made.

The song of the movie store in your mind and the tune is very catchy. The soundtrack of Marvel movies is always been one of the source of attraction for the audience. Marvel always wants to make their audience to have fun and audience also love Marvel. For some fans, the movies, not just source of entertainment but they are part of their life. Deadpool 2 trailer is released and after Black Panther and Infinity war, deadpool is coming to rock the party. If you have not watched the trailer Click Here.


Black Panther 1st Day Box Office Collection Movie Trailer Cast and Crew Movie Review. The movie is going to release on USA-29 January 2018 (Los Angeles, California), UK-13, and February 2018, and India-16 February 2018. Just in few days movie trailer have gained a big number of views so if you ready to watch some awesome show go to the theater near you and watch Black Panther. Before watching you should know these facts first, he Is The King Of An Entire Nation known as Wakanda, His Bodyguards are Ladies who are hard to defeat, he is equipped with Super-Tech combining with his physical strength, He Debuted was with Fantastic Four, Black Panther Has Been Part Of Almost Every Major Marvel Superteam, He Was Married To X-men’s Storm, He Was Created By Two Of Modern Comics’s The Founding Fathers, He’s The Man Behind The Avengers’s Cool Aircraft.

Black Panther Worldwide/Domestic Total Box Office Collection

He Took Over For Daredevil In Hell’s Kitchen, The Black Panther Is A Hereditary Title and He’s The King Of The Dead and He’s A Member Of The Illuminati.

Black Panther Cast and Crew


Movie Character

·       Chadwick Boseman

·       T’Challa / Black Panther

·       Michael B. Jordan

·       Erik “Killmonger” Stevens

·       Lupita Nyong’o

·       Nakia

·       Danai Gurira

·       Okoye

·       Martin Freeman

·       Everett K. Ross

·       Daniel Kaluuya

·       W’Kabi

·       Letitia Wright

·       Shuri

·       Winston Duke

·       Shuri

·       Angela Bassett

·       Ramonda

·       Forest Whitaker

·       Zuri

·       Andy Serkis

·       Ulysses Klaue

Chadwick Boseman

  1. He was born November 29, 1977, is an American actor.
  2. Chadwick Boseman is known for portraying Jackie Robinson in 42 (2013), James Brown in Get on Up (2014), Black Panther, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (since 2016), and Thurgood Marshall in Marshall (2017).
  3. He also had played roles in the television series Lincoln Heights (2008) and Persons Unknown (2010), and the films The Express (2008), Draft Day (2014), and Message from the King (2016).

  Michael B. Jordan

  1. He was born February 9, 1987, is an American actor.
  2.  Michael B. Jordan has done television roles include Wallace in the HBO series The Wire (2002), Reggie Montgomery in the ABC soap opera All My Children (2003–2006), and Vince Howard in the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights (2009–2011).


Hope that you have like this Black Panther 1st Day Box Office Collection, Movie Trailer Cast and Crew Movie Review. For more updates regarding the movies related to this are also given. For more stay tuned. Black Panther is going to be awesome. Peace out.


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